Thursday, 1 September 2011

Make a Smile Fabric

You can read about my Make a Smile project here.

What you’ll need
Light fabric, washed and pressed. Solid fabrics work best using ink as some printed patterns don’t absorb the ink properly. If you are in doubt, try it on a scrap first.

Ink, fabric markers or Bic pens. I have used ink pens called Impress Dual Markers in these colours. If you’re not going to wash your fabric afterwards, use whatever you have on hand. Pencils will for instance leave a soft grey line on fabric. Crayons will give a softer wider line (see tutorial here).

And what you’ll do

Cover your workspace with paper.

Start somewhere in the middle of the fabric and draw smiley faces. Keep it simple; one circle(ish), two dots and a smile. Vary the sizes and space between them as you wish. I have made one fabric in each colour, mix them up if you like.

Leave to dry in between if the wet ink is rubbing off on your hand (or your hand gets tired)

Keep on drawing smiles till your fabric is covered.

Leave to dry and press with a hot dry iron to set the ink.

Done! Now make something fun from your happy new fabric.

Lesson learned

All smiles won’t be perfect. This is the mark of handmade fabric so don’t worry about it.

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