Saturday, 22 October 2011

Sew In # 9

For last night’s Friday Night Sew In I did not do much sewing, but I did finish cutting the rest of the pieces for the Double Trouble quilts.

I have added a few lights and darks into the mix to spice it up a little. The overall colour scheme is still be a bit on the orange side, but it’s fall you know, how are we supposed not to be influenced by all the glory of nature’s colours.

I’m so happy to be done cutting these two quilts as cutting is not my favourite part of quilting. Not even a fifth runner up. Cutting a few pieces is fine, but I always find myself working in awkward angles which are not even kind of ergonomically right. I would love to have a raised cutting table, but there’s no room for one in my cramped little studio.
Ok, now I know what I’ll put on Santa’s list this year: A bigger studio; do you think he could get one down through our chimney? I wouldn’t want a huge one though; it would only mean more stash, more clutter and more space for me to misplace whatever I need.

Have a wonderful Saturday! I’m spending mine with grandson so no crashing on the couch for me.


  1. Nice Fall colors here. I would go cuckoo cutting all these too, even with a cutting table. xox Corrine

  2. I'm with you...cutting is definitely not my favorite part either! Your fabrics looks great, love the colors!