Saturday, 4 February 2012

This, that and those

We woke up yesterday morning to lots of white, powdery snow and -6C; fabulous, fabulous day; happy kids, red cheeks, slow traffic, warm hats. Today the wind is back and it’s freezing so I’m wearing neck to toe wool. I was going through my clothes in search for a few fleece jackets for daughter to borrow, and I found a jacket I knitted for myself, oh I don’t know, maybe 10 years ago. It’s red and comfy and very warm so all’s good indoors.
(quilts and knitted wool; what's not to love)

I have pretty much taken the day off, work and quilting wise, resting a little before next week’s big chunk of work and quite happy with the progress I have made on several projects this week.

The baby quilt is cut

and so is the family quilt for his christening. I had this box full of 2 ½” strips leftover from my mom’s quilt ready to go. I love when that happens!

These pieces will become the background for drawn faces from his family on his mom’s side. I sent the letters out this week, so hopefully I’ll start receiving faces soon. It will be a really fun memento for him – if it works out.

The old cutting mat looks like a Nazca drawing, but it’s still one of my favorites. My absolute favorite Fiskars mat is sadly unfit for rotary cutting and retired to crafting projects. I'm thinking of using this image as a basis for this month's Sketchbook Challenge which is "Close-up".

I was sewing with my little group on Wednesday and brought a giant cone of thread that wouldn’t cooperate at all. The thread got caught and broke all the time, so I made a thread stand in true MacGyver style with a pair of scissors taped to the back of my machine.

I know it’s not a bomb made from red wool yarn and a pencil or anything fancy like that, but nevertheless, it worked brilliantly so I could finish the blocks I was working on. Move over, MacGyver I’d say!

I have finished the baby alpaca pants and hats.
The first hat was too big even after I frogged it once, so I knitted another one.

The pants also seems on the big side even though it’s the smallest size, but if I frog the cuffs and knit the legs longer, he can probably use it in the fall.

Since I promised to knit an outfit for him to wear home from the hospital, I have started on another pair of pants; teeny tiny ribbed alpaca pants. I just want to hug them.

Daughter and I made the place cards for the christening (dåp in Norwegian for those of you who wondered about the text on the invitations)

and I transformed these simple collaged cards (which I kind of loved)

into intuitive (overly) painted ones. The first layers had some pretty funky grandson-blended colours

so I added more paint. And more.

I really enjoy playing around with paint, but in hindsight I might have stopped at some point and moved on to some new cards instead of smashing it all onto these. Oh well. By the way; Lynda, Corrine, Bente and Michelle: my PIFs and 600th post giveaway prizes are on their merry way to you.

With any luck I’ll get some decent pictures tomorrow of the class samples I finished this week; all 9 of them.

One of the bindings did not turn out that well; I thought the BLAH BLAH fabric would look fun on a Christmas quilt, but the words got lost on the narrow binding. Of course it would, the binding is ¼” wide; I should have seen that one coming.

Oh well; live and learn.

I cannot link to anything to save my life today, so sorry about that.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Lovely owl fabric in the baby quilt picture! The blue hat is my favourite pattern I have knitted to many of ny nieces and nephews and my own kids, but you are right, it is difficult to estimate the size.

  2. Genius! Your scissors for a thread stand is genius. All your makings are lovely. The blue alpaca is yummy, such a pretty color, and looks so soft. I know what you mean when you say "you want to hug it". I always hug the items I sent to kids or grands. I hope the feel loved getting something homemade from me.

  3. Your intuitive painted pieces are shining with creative spirit. You are not done until you are done, so that's probably why you kept painting. I am SO EXCITED to have won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your work, you know I do. You look so good in red, and your wool coat looks so snuggly. xox Corrine

  4. Hey MacGyver...very inventive. I'm interested in the drawn faces for the baby quilt. The new baby hat and pants are such a vibrant blue. I'm excited for the PIF that is on its way. You are so creative!