Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Inventory Day #2

We had barely started writing 2012 when I already felt overwhelmed by all the projects I would have to finish by the end of April. I got myself a Moleskine journal and started taking inventory; just jotting down all the ideas I had buzzing around in my head (you have no idea how busy it gets up there sometimes; no voices though so no need to call men running with butterfly nets; just saying).

Then I started making a list based on deadlines, and played around with my ideas; sketching, writing, calculating. It’s strange; no matter how many notebooks and journals I have I always fall back on simple gridded sheets of paper. However, we have piles of coloured copy paper, so I have been using bright yellow paper for printing my appliqué designs. Way more cheerful than plain old white I’d say!

It was still too much on my list, so I started cutting projects. Cut, cut, cut; if I don’t really, really, really have to make it, it’s not on my list. I feel better already.

Some projects survived the cuts and made it to the list for the next 3 months:
- Quilting the Intuition quilt for daughter’s birthday two weeks from yesterday.
- Creating a new class concept with gazillion samples and instructions.
- Make a family quilt for the new grandson for his Christening on April 1st.
- Make a baby quilt for the same grandson.
- Make a couple of long overdue patterns.
- Play a lot with scraps and shapes and have fun.

I am very pleased to see my shortened list and the bzzzzing sound is almost gone; now to work!


  1. I've seen a lovely idea somewhere to bondaweb fabric to the outside of a moleskin for a patterned cover. Not that you need another project. Tackle a quick easy one first to get it off your list.

  2. Sounds like a pretty full list even after you cut cut cut...I like the playing with scraps and having fun. xox Corrine I am looking forwarding to seeing the intuition quilt finished though.

  3. I think it helps to write things down, too. You've still got quite a lot to do but I'm sure you'll accomplish it all.