Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Intuition Quilt, Final Day

I’m falling so behind on posting pictures, but I’m happy to say I’m slowly catching up on the to-do-backlog that was stressing the joy out of me earlier this year.

My Intuition Quilt, “Listen to your heart”, was finished and wrapped up about half an hour before my daughter came over to celebrate her birthday. It was rather early in the morning, before proper daylight, so please do excuse the bad lighting. Usually I would take pictures outside, but our deck was covered with ice and I have already tried that once. Mrs Moen on ice; like Bambi, lots of long legs but with less grace.

I love everything about this quilt (did I say that already; oh well), and even though I would like to keep it for myself, I love it even more because my daughter is so happy with it. The corners are square and the sides are straight so pictures actually do lie sometimes.

The colours look more correct with the flash on, that doesn’t happen too often, does it.

The appliquéd heart; so strong and so fragile at the same time, just like ours. I still have more of the (wo)manmade fabric; just waiting for a brilliant idea to strike.

The binding. I used 3 of the fabrics; one on the top,

one on the sides

and one on the bottom.

I know it has taken me forever to finish this quilt, but I have enjoyed every single piece of fabric and stitch I have put into it. Thank you, Victoria!


  1. It is a lovely quilt, it is easy to see why you both love it! You have been so clever at combining unusual colours successfully. I loved your quilting, and the bindings are neat. Kudos for you!

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter Nina-Lise, I bet she'll be thrilled with the quilt, it's fab - love the little heart on it. I see from your previous posts you've been busy creating in readiness for the new arrival!

    Thanks for visiting my 'woyww' post - you asked about framing mixed media pieces - I don't see why not. I haven't actually framed any of my pieces, they're just sitting around waiting for me to get my act together.

    Hope you have a lovely time with your daughter x

  3. Nina-Lise - is your Make a Boob Project still going on? I would like to start one here in CT (USA) in conjunction with Relay for Life (May) & an October quilt show (Breast Cancer Awareness Month). I would like to "talk" to you more about it. Please contact me at

  4. This is obviously a quilt made with love.

  5. Well, it's no wonder you love it - it is absolutely beautiful! I love the piecing, the dense quilting, and most of all the fragile heart. Congratulations on an inspiring finish and happy birthday on the birthday of your daughter!

  6. OMG I love it and I know she will too.....gushing gushing something came in the mail for me, oh how I adore her, will be posting pics soon!!! xox Corrine

  7. This quilt is wonderful! Everything about it is just perfect. Lucky daughter!!

  8. Your quilt is gorgeous! Your addition of the olive green is brilliant. There couldn't be a better message to give to your daughter. She must be a very smart young woman!

  9. A very beautiful and personal gift, Nina Lise! Love the detail with the hart!
    ; )

  10. it is pieces of you...what a great gift!!!