Thursday, 16 February 2012

Quilta Figurer

Quilta Figurer (Quilted Shapes) is my new free motion class. We will work our way through 9 different free motion patterns, 3 different techniques and play with them creating shapes.

We will draw, work on practice cloths and make panels which can be used for place mats, wall hangings, table runners, pillows etc.

“Quilta Figurer: Blomster” flowers

“Quilta Figurer: Sommerfugler” butterflies

“Quilta Figurer: Hjerter” hearts

”Quilta Figurer: Trær” trees

Words (god jul is Norwegian for Merry Christmas, vår is Norwegian for spring, and uhu is owl language)
“Quilta Figurer: Jul”

“Quilta Figurer: God jul”

“Quilta Figurer: Vår”

“Quilta Figurer: Vår vår”

“Quilta Figurer: Uhu”

My practice cloths are long and narrow so I can make them into table runners.

As you can probably tell, I had a lot of fun making these. My free motion mojo is definitely back!


  1. Nina Lise, love all your free motion samples! So much lovely quilting patterns!
    I once took a class on free motion quilting, I loved it, but it comes down to practising a lot.

  2. The quilting is terrific....I love the negative spaces - have fun with the classes!

  3. You make me want to try this at home! The jigsaw puzzle pattern made me laugh.

  4. I wish I could pop over to Norway to take your class! You make fun designs and you make the process look like a good time!

  5. Looking forward to join this clas, Nina Lise.
    Have you checked out this page ? 365 different styles with great tutorialvideos.

  6. Wow, these are fantastic! Should be a marvelous class. xox Corrine

  7. yippee for MFQ mojo!! Your creativity is always so inspiring. All of the patterns/ideas in your class samples are fantastic and I'm sure your students will enjoy learning them. I am interested in the puzzle pattern, which looks fantastic. Did you FMQ the straight lines? I have a very hard time FMQing straight lines!

  8. WOW, det har tatt helt av skjønner jeg. Så flott quiltet og så mange fine mønster og idèer :-))))
    Kreativiteten bobler for fullt skjønner jeg - skal bli gøy og prøve seg på noe av dette. Frihåndsquiltingen tar på litt mye på armene mine så jeg får ta det i slow motion tenker jeg.....
    Ønsker deg en kreativ og boblende helg :-)

  9. Great class samples. I'd sign up for your class anytime. Want to come to Canada to teach it?