Thursday, 22 March 2012

Scrap day

I had my first trial at making a scrapbook page while working with the book. I wanted to show how the ideas and illustrations can be used for other mediums, and scrapping sounded like fun. I quite enjoyed making that first page although it was a bit wavy because I used paint and glue which I probably shouldn’t have used. Never mind the ripple effect; I was happy with my page
Snow Day pictures of grandson with the snowmen from the Snow love quilt on the cover (sorry, my ill-lit picture)
on a painted background.

My daughter has been making a scrapbook for the big brother, so I thought it would be fun to transfer her belly from The belly quilt into a page.

I can see 10 things I would have done differently, but she’s happy with it. As you can see, I included the picture of her that was the basis for the quilt.

I wouldn’t mind making more pages, and with that stupid hand that now has a pinched nerve thank you very much, I just might pick and choose a few shapes from the book and play with them. It would have been fun to teach a class using it for mixed media art; a couple of quilt classes have already been booked.

The baby is coming over now so mom can take big brother to the eye doctor to check his new-ish glasses. Cuddletime!!

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  1. Love your pages and love love love that belly quilt!!! xox Corrine