Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sew In # 12

I have been a bit bored the last few days and my fingers have been itching to do something other than rest. Resting is boring. It’s safe to say I have been highly motivated to get back to my machine and just to make sure I would do so I signed up for Friday Night Sew In. It’s not like I cannot do anything with a hand and a half, you never know what you can do until you actually try, and after all, the Playing with yarn series were born during a left-hand-timeout.
I had a plan of stitching buttons onto a base with the machine, but that did not work out at all, so I just grabbed this and that and moved on. It’s been too long since I just played with bits and pieces, and I enjoyed myself very much indeed.

Starting with a finished base leftover from the book project, I layered strips of tulle, felt circles, strings of orange linen and buttons from a friend under a layer of pink tulle. Stitching between and around the buttons was quite exciting as they moved this way and that all the time, but in the end everything were secured within the stitching lines.

I was using a huge cone of thread which wouldn’t fit into my thread-stand-jug, so made another thread stand/guide thing by taping a curtain hook onto the top of a big soda bottle. Worked like a charm; the thread came smoothly off the cone without any hiccups.

The next step was adding yarn; green and blue strings meandering this way and that between the buttons.

At this time husband came home with dinner (I love when that happens), so I called it the day. Just before I went to bed I looked at it and thought it needed something more, so I added little blurbs of yellow and pink acrylic paint on top of the buttons.

It looks like a field of flowers, doesn’t it, which happens to be the theme for The Sketchbook Challenge this month. Maybe I hit two birds with one stone with this little exercise.

In the morning light I could see that it was still missing a little something so I added a few lines to the flowers with a black marker.

Finally, tiny white paint blobs in the middle of the flowers

and some white splashes here and there for extra dept.

I love the raw edges and all the haphazardly stitching on the back. I think it’s done now.

Have a wonderful weekend; I’ll be getting my share of baby & big brother cuddles:)


  1. Your hurting hand sure didn't harm your artwork. I love it! And then no cooking and sweet grandson hugs. You really have a wonderful life, Nina. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sorry about your arm. It doesn't seem to be slowing you down at all! Love the way you can create such lovely things. Grandson looks like he loved the bike even if it is getting a bit small for him. He does look nice and warm in all that wool. Love the cowls too they do look soft and warm.

  3. I really enjoy these mixed media explorations of yours. they have so much depth and interest to them, I could look for a long time and not see everything. xox

  4. Pretty cool stuff...whenever I am down with an illness or something, I just lie there and think of all the things I could be making....sometimes I come up with some good ideas...