Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bit of a stretch

I had some problems with the batting that I used for the christening-quilt-in-progress. I should have known. It’s not the first time it has happened with this particular batting. Live and learn? More like live and learn and forget and be reminded I’d say.
As I was quilting the lines I discovered a few puckers forming on the top. Oh …! That cotton batting has a life of its own and stretch and move around no matter how much I spray and pin the darned thing. Half way through I decided to adjust the top. Big mistake! The result was that the quilt ended up ½” or so wider on one end than the other. Both ways.

Thankfully the quilt is a tone-on-tone background only so no one will notice that I chopped off the excess.

And the rest of the offending batting? Put away with the batting scraps to be used in small projects only!
Next: binding. Yeeey.


  1. Who would ever notice, certainly not me!!!!! xox

  2. It's how it turns out that counts. Love the quilting and binding!