Monday, 30 April 2012

Girlie gifts

I’m not sure how it happened, but life seems to be primarily Mondays and Fridays. This Monday is Tax return-day in Norway. It’s not all that much work really, but it needs to be done, checking that all the prefilled numbers are correct and making any necessary changes. I planned doing mine last night, but I was too tired after another fun family filled weekend.

My nieces’ confirmation was lovely; the ceremony, the girls, the food, the speeches, the company – all lovely. The day included quite a bit of shuttling people here and there and we were all pretty much exhausted by the end of the day. 10 family members flew in for the occasion and my parents stayed with us. The house was quite empty when everybody left yesterday but instead of spending the rest of the day in my studio or working on my tax return I spent the afternoon slouching on the couch (again).

The gifts to the girls, two small mixed media quilts, were finished and signed the night before the event, and turned out very well considering I tried out a few techniques for the very first time on them.

“Konfirmant Vilde” and

“Konfirmant Thea”

both have pictures transferred using gel medium,

are quilted using the snakes pattern from my few motion quilting class,

have sheer heart shaped pockets

with bits and pieces of sheer fibers and fluffy yarn inside

and a little bling.

The organza has a little glitter on the front, but most of it came off during washing and tumbling leaving the rest of the fabrics sparking and shining. Great.

Still sparing my hand, the quilts were made without any hand stitching. Not one single stitch. The edges were finished with couched yarn and the embellishments are glued on with gel medium. I did take a few pictures during the process, maybe enough to make a short tutorial later.

Time to drop off the tax return. Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Såå fint dette var! Jeg liker så godt både bilder, frihåndsquilting og ) Midt i blinken for meg;)

  2. Oh so (sew) pretty. I love that sheer fabric with it's glittery goodness. The couch would have been my option to, numbers, ah you can whip em out in your head right? xox

  3. Absolutely stunning techniques Nina Lise - your gel medium images have transferred beautifully! I love all the lovely quilting too.

  4. What beautiful gifts for the girls!!