Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Golden tip

While embellishing the confirmation gifts, I was searching through the inherited button stash and found some beautiful buttons with gold roses. Now, I don’t often use bright gold in my work so as I already had some gel medium right there on a plate I decided to see if I could tone the gold down a notch.

I covered the rose with medium using a paint brush and let it dry,

and it worked indeed.

The gold (on the right) is now more soft and subtle and the buttons more likely to be used. I will be toning down some more buttons I have in my button box, and now that I know they can be glued onto the quilts with gel medium, I will be playing with more embellished mixed media quilts for sure.


  1. Ooh nice, nice, but not as nice as your book. It arrived yesterday. Oh my gosh it is freakin fantastic!!!! I love all the creatures and projects and even I am inspired to sew and perhaps even quilt a bit. Can I send you money through paypal? You still need to invoice me friend. xox

  2. So much more appealing! Excellent tip...thanks for sharing it.

  3. What a great idea. I some piece that could use this treatment.

  4. Great result! It looks more antique-y now and usable.

  5. That subtle gold is so much better. It takes an artist to think of these ideas. Love the girlie gifts you made too. I'll bet it was a great time with your family and always so quiet when everyone leaves.