Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wash down workout

I finally got around to hemming daughter’s curtains today after a couple of days on more baby-&-washing-duties. Daughter and I washed down her old apartment yesterday while MIL was babysitting and by the end of the day I was very aware of quite a few muscles, especially in my upper arms. It was all rather enjoyable - lots of laughs and great company.

I started on the living room curtains yesterday morning, getting reacquainted with my machine after a recent tune-up, and it sews like a charm. I, on the other hand, did not and messed the first two lengths up, trying to rush them through my machine and not noticing I had adjusted the top tension too much. That’s what happens when you’re rushing, so I started this morning by unpicking those wrinkly things. Beige on beige. Exiting!

Look at this weird spool of thread that I found in my thread drawer while looking for beige. I haven’t seen anything like it before (well, I obviously must have since it’s in my drawer). I wonder how the different colours stitch out. Now I have to try it.

I had to cut off almost 1m of each length so I offered to make a few pillow covers from the excess fabric. First I will make a couple of small pieces for my beautiful twin nieces for their confirmation on Saturday though. I asked my sister for some pictures and have printed them onto transparency paper.

Those bright blue shapes are on my protective sheet thingie and will not be transferred although I do love the look.

A fine woven fabric

and some gel medium,

a little burnishing with the back of a spoon and the pictures are transferred. I’ll show you how that worked over the weekend when the confirmation is over.

I also tried to transfer some very soft black and white pictures of the young ones, but they were too pale to make much of a print.

I will try again with darker images, but in the meantime I’ll see what I can do with these.

Off to work on the confirmation pieces. Have a wonderful Wednesday evening!


  1. I'm always impressed by how much you accomplish!

  2. I know what you mean about sore arms. We refinished our kitchen cabinets and by the end of the day scrubbing down 30 years of grime and restaining them all made me realize how little I use some muscles. Enjoyed your visit with the your girls in their wonderful sewing facility. Lots of fun "boobs" were made. Seems you had the best seat in the house, cuddling that little baby boy, while watching everyone help with the move.

  3. Dette ser superspennende ut :-) Lykke til videre med prosjektene - herlige bilder.

  4. Lovely, lovely fun! There is nothing better than working side by side with a grown child. Deep inside, you know they appreciate it so much, and it's just awesome to be back in the mother-daughter or mother-son team again! Love your idea of transparencies. I still need to try one of those! Can you use them more than once? And is the gel medium wet or dried when you rub them on? Great fun!

  5. I do love the blue transparent thingie over the photos, time for some photo transfer collage!!!!! Take care of the sore muscles. xox

  6. Can you tell me: are the images printed onto transparency with a laser or inkjet printer and does it matter?