Monday, 23 April 2012

Queen bee

We had a busy but lovely weekend here at the Mrs Moen house spending lots of time with the young Mr Moen-s. The big one was staying for his regular weekend visit, filling our house with energy and joy and the first flowers of the year.

Pure sunshine in my favorite hand painted mug.

It’s still quite cold in the mornings, so the quilts still get a lot of use.

Daughter and her family were moving houses this weekend so family and friends were all helping out. Obviously raising a child is not the only task for a village; moving houses acquires quite a bit of village-ish assistance too. I felt rather privileged being assigned to baby duty/cuddly time instead of packing and moving stuff – sitting like like a queen bee with a little baby sleeping in my arms while everyone else were running around.

By Sunday evening I was rather exhausted, and my planned hours in the sewing room were spent slouching on the couch going through yet another bag of stuff to be sorted out in the studio. Among other things I found these scraps from making Fancy Boobs. I planned to use them for making brooches and had stitched some free form ovals with black thread.

I cut them out about 1mm outside the seam and they look quite nice with all the colors and textures. They do need something more though. Paint? Buttons? Beads?

Having a lazy evening I decided to try out some new inks that were also in the bag.

Well, ink wasn’t the answer and I didn’t feel all that creative anyway, so back in the bag with the ovals.

Then I found a couple of quilted flowers leftover from one of the projects in my book. Hmmm, they would make nice brooches too. Hmmm what else do I have here in the bag. A button and a string of yarn? Yes, that would work.

A few beads and a pin on the back later and there you go – a brooch.

Does it count as a finished quilt? Probably not, but it does have three layers and quilting stitches…

Today I’ll be hemming curtains for daughter’s house. There’s no way I can make curtains cheaper than buying readymade ones. Go figure. Why does hemming curtains sound like such a boring task when sewing quilting fabrics sounds like fun?

First I get to spend a few hours with the baby though:)


  1. Så mye artig og kjekt man kan lage med frie teknikker;) Disse var fine;) Og det er kjekkere å quilte enn å sy gardiner, etter min mening;)

  2. I'd say that it counts. I think I would rather tend to those two instead of boxes and moving as well.

  3. Ooh fun, buttons, beads, bling by all means. Grandson is sooooooo cute. I just want to hug that kiddo. xox