Sunday, 27 May 2012


If you pay attention

you can find beauty in small things

like filling a kiddy pool

with water

the stream painting a different picture

every blink of an eye

only using the zoom on my phone

no editing, no cropping, just pure art. Literally.

My young ones are spending the Whit weekend with me. In between feeding, naps and reading bedtime stories, we have spent a few happy and sunny hours in our yard. As we live on a hillside facing one of our famous fjords, there are not many flat areas in our garden. The view is worth it though, even though we had to set up the pool on the patio to keep the water contained.

The forecast for the next week is quite a bit colder, so I’ll be back in my sewing room soon enough…


  1. Thank you for the inspiration! Yes, there is so much beauty in the everyday, ordinary things. It's fun to see your view! I was in Norway a few years ago. I can't imagine a more beautiful place.

  2. Wonderful views both in the pool and out of it. Enjoy your babies!!! xox

    1. Good eye! Those water pictures would make great fabric prints!
      Have fun with the little ones!