Monday, 28 May 2012

Painting with fabric


if you look past what you did to see the opportunities in what you have,

you might be quite surprised and happy you made the effort.

This is what happened when I made my first attempt at painting with fabrics a couple of weeks ago. I was so eager to see the finished result that I kept on stitching late in the evening - which I never do.

I had an idea and went for it.

Strips of solid fabrics

pieces of all kinds of sheers, a few aluminum foil circles

making use of my cotton yarn stash purchased for the crochet baskets.

My drawing tablet has finally got a protective sleeve which will remind me of sunny days for years to come.

Not all ideas will work though,

some of them turn to mud and need to be unpicked and get started all over again.

This time I’m very happy I made the effort.


  1. Så fint og effektfullt det ble! Nydelige farger;)

  2. Gorgeous results! Must try this myself....

  3. This is nice! I really, REALLY like the way you have combined the hodgepodge of fabric snippets with extremely straight lines, and the combination of sheers with the extremely solid yarn lines. These contrasts really work. Ooh aah! Well done!

  4. So much depth, mixed media, and the sunny warm colors! So pretty. (I think it should be the premise of your next book. A how to on Mixed Media.)