Sunday, 6 May 2012

Make a Pirate patch

The weekend is over and grandson went home a few hours ago leaving me with a request to make a couple of new pirate patches for his pants that are waiting to be mended. A little searching on my computer and I found the pictures I took when I made the first one.

I have posted a tutorial on how to make a Pirate patch here on my How to blog. Easy and fun to make and a big hit for sure.

Mending more pants will have to wait until tomorrow though because grandma is tired. We have done this and that and made cupcakes and rode the bus into town and grandson got to collect a few russekort (russ is a high school graduate).

We also went to see the most powerful art installation I have ever seen; more on that later when I have digested the impressions.


  1. He gets cuter every day, is that possible? Take a rest, relax and be your pirate tomorrow. xox

  2. Sounds like a wonderful kind of tired.