Thursday, 10 May 2012

Lots of plans and 3 years later

I don’t make detailed plans too often, but I do make quite a few adjustments. My pampering-grandma plans this week were adjusted just a little and instead I have been staying at the young one’s house – think a 3 day sleepover with a screaming baby. Lots of cuddles and fun, but any me-time has been spent napping; there are a few times where sewing and blogging just don’t make it to the top of the list.

A few things has been progressing during the last week though – like the string blocks once made for my niece’s confirmation (ahem, 3 years ago) which are finally in the process of being made into a top. They have been out and about every now and then, looking at the blocks, arranging them this way and that. She did not know I was making this for her in the first place, but she’ll turn 18 soon and it’s time to finally get on with it.

I brought the blocks and plain squares to my sewing group meeting last week, and started sewing them together in the order they were stored in the project bag. As I was working my way through the blocks, something did not make sense. I did not have enough blocks to make the quilt long enough. Unless there are some blocks playing hide and seek in my sewing room, I must have miscalculated the number of blocks required. It happens. Oh well, I sewed the ones I had into rows of 4 and hung them in the curtains. That green in the curtains did not look half bad with all the pink but as they were made from really shiny polyester (and also belong to the community house where we meet), I left them alone.

The plain squares were intended for side borders, but as I had to rethink my initial plan, I tried them out for top and bottom borders instead. Not bad at all.

Next step: side borders, but first: sleeeep. That's the plan anyway...


  1. Looks really nice! Really! Hope to see this finished before 2015.

  2. Really liking this quilt!!

  3. What a bright and cheerful quilt. She will love it!

  4. this is going to be a great quilt...How is it coming?

  5. For et tøft og fargeglad teppe dette blir! Hvem ville vel ikke bli glad for å eie dette.. ;o)