Saturday, 12 May 2012

Sketchbook Challenge revisited

I have enjoyed revisiting quite a few of the previous themes for the Sketchbook Challenge.

Some of the sketches were super quick and others seriously time consuming - all good. Paint, markers, coloured paper – simple or elaborate depending on the day and wind and inspiration and solitude.

Highly prized
Playing with my new favorite markers on dark paper.

Do they shine?

Yes, they do.

Who doesn’t want to be No 1…

Careful and fearless;

the fearless side much more dominant and vibrant than the careful side (wishful thinking…)
Creating dept with simple lines.

Hours of totally hypnotizing play.

I think I might be a little obsessed sometimes.

My first attempt at doodling Zentangle-style on a painted background

Chocolate finger paint on top of painted background,

flowers made with bamboo skewer in the wet paint

Let the air and light in.

Markers on coloured paper collage.

This month's theme is fruits and vegetables and I have no clue what to do. Yet. No worries though, May is still young and the most important thing (for me) is not meeting the deadlines but working through the themes and trying as many new things as I can in the process. I’m enjoying doing things I cannot do very much indeed although you won’t find blooper videos of me doing them on YouTube:)

Looks like I’m having tomorrow off and hopefully I’ll be spending hours at my machine come rain or come shine. My fingers are itching to stitch, including mending 3 pair of pants. Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Loved to see each and every sketch, especially the doodling Zentangle style ones!

  2. I love all of your artistic sketches and doodles Nina Lise!

    Thanks for your comment on my card. Yes, I think you need to have a thickish card stock base to prevent the nail polish from buckling the underneath. The nail polish I used was applied over the top of Ranger's Crackle Paint which I assume is waterproof. Anything's worth a try though, it's good to experiment and just see what happens.

    It's a shame your flower didn't work out. Maybe it was the paper(?) rather than the ink you used? Ranger's Distress Ink pads are not waterproof, in fact they re-act to water and they can be used for colouring paper or fabric flowers. They are quite often manipulated into shape whilst still wet and when dry, retain their shape. I'm no expert in all this, but hope this is of some help :)