Sunday, 13 May 2012

But I want red!

The audition for border fabric for the string quilt is over. I limited my choices to use only fabrics from my oldest stash which resides in a closet in my sewing room. There were pink ballerinas, blue hip hop dancers, green opera singers and purple violinists, but through all the noise all I could hear was “I want red!”.

I tried to persuade it into accepting a fun orange/purple/red paisley-ish print that I have had for ages,

but blah, on a distance it looks like mud. Fun mud, but still mud.

I have to add that the Aunt Grace fabrics in the blocks are a very specific shade or tone or whatever of pink that does not play well with others. Total outcast.

Finally I caved in and brought out the cavalry, my prettiest red fabric which I have been saving for a rainy day. Well, it was pouring by now.

It’s just perfect - red with a whole rainbow of circles, picking up all the colours from the scraps. Not a difficult choice, is it!

And to top it off (literally), I found a 10” strip of this cup fabric which I am sure came in a bundle a few years back. It matches the green in the border fabric and plays even nicely with the difficult pink. Well done indeed.

Yes, audition is over. Why don't I iron fabrics BEFORE I put them away...


  1. Brilliant choice of the red circles and tea cups! Great quilt, with your own special pizzaz!

  2. Ja, här ser man hur "fel" ett tyg kan vara och hur RÄTT ett annat är!

  3. The red fabric with circles is fabulous!!

  4. ...because then you'll just have to iron them again before you cut them!

  5. Like your red and the coffe cup fabric too!