Friday, 11 May 2012

Add a little pink

I have finished the pillows I promised to make with the leftover beige curtain fabric from this post. After working with all that beige I simply had to add a little pink. Simple lines made by coaching yarn onto a sandwich

just stitching back and forth in soothing waves

until it’s enough

and filling the rest of the top with equally gentle waves without the yarn.

I forgot to take a proper picture before I dropped it off so sorry about the ill-lit picture.

A second pillow is on the way, but this is a gift so I’ll be leaving you with these perfectly imperfect curved quilting lines.

Simple soothing stitching, just breathe in and out and let the machine do the work. Perfect.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I serious love your style! So simple yet so beautiful to look at.

  2. sometimes simple things are so lovely! Your book looks so wonderful. Every time I see it I feel so proud of you.

  3. Garn er veldig effektfullt i sying. Jeg bruker ulike garntyper på mye av det jeg lager, til og med på fane;) Riktig god helg til deg!

  4. This looks fun! Do you need a special sewing foot to do this?

  5. Intriguing! I love that take on your work. And simple? I could never do that!!!

  6. What a great technique and the finished results looks so good.