Sunday, 3 June 2012

ATC Swap - Marlene

I signed up for my first swap – ever – back in April when Michele of The Quilting Gallery announced an ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap. I had never made an ATC but wanted to have a go at them, so this was the perfect opportunity – 4 ATCs to one person. Sounds doable!

I have made mine and am ready to send them to my assigned secret swapper this week, but Marlene, to whom I was assigned, beat me to it. We picked up the mail just before heading up to the cabin on Friday, and in there was my 4 ATCs from Marlene from Iowa.

I love them!

“Iowa farm”

“Crazy Flower Patch”

“Cut on the dotted line”

and last but not least “Queen Nina”. This one made my day!! So fun, she has put together pieces of images from my blog. Brilliant!

Thank you so much, Marlene, they are perfect!!


  1. Your Majesty!
    You sure did get some nice ATCs. I love the idea of using some of the decorative stitches I've got on my machine. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those are fantastic. Do we need to curtsy as we leave comments? xox

  3. Your Majesty, I am curtsing to a wonderful swap you have.....These are great and fun to share....Judith, Texas

  4. I knew I should be doing my Queenly wave to you. What a fun trade.

  5. Marlene in Iowa4 June 2012 at 03:26

    Nina! I am sooooo happy you received and enjoy your first-ever ATC's! I've been very anxious daily hoping they arrived to you OK. Needless to say, I had a very fun time making them for are an extremely talented quilter/artist! I frequent your blog and enjoy all your posts, your Highness :-)
    Best wishes always! From Marlene in Iowa :-)