Saturday, 2 June 2012

Serenity prayer flag

I have been feeling a bit on the anxious side this week, waiting to hear news about a few things. I did not realize what a toll it has taken on me until yesterday when grandson decided he would go for a little walk on his own and not tell. With a pond, lake, river and stream close to our cabin, grandpa and I were not too happy about it. Seriously, I wanted to puke, faint and cry - all at the same time but any of them would have been fine. The relief when husband found him on the other side of a hill was gigantic, but residue of the fear stuck with me.

This morning I was reading a comment from libbyquilter who had made her first prayer flag, and it struck me – I needed to make a serenity prayer flag. I don’t keep art supplies up here, just bring whatever on which I’ll be working – which is nothing at grandma weekends. Determined to make a flag I went searching for suitable materials and came up with dust mop thingies, a disposable kitchen rag, coffee filters, scraps of wool yarn from needlepointing, grandsons coloured pencils, water colour paint and large Hama beads. The paint brush was next to useless so I cut off a piece of a sponge for painting.

The flag went together in the blink of an eye; drawing, painting, stitching with a very blunt tip crewel needle, and tying.

Aaaaaahh (sound of me exhaling)



  1. i am so sorry to hear of your scare and so happy to hear it all worked out without the worst having happened.
    when my daughter was three she decided to go off on her own while we were christmas shopping at a mall. it was literally a matter of seconds and both mr. wonderful and i could not believe that we were suddenly plunged into a nightmare. it all turned out fine and was over in a matter of ten minutes but those remain the longest ten minutes of my life.

    thank you so much for your link to my blog. i'm happy that i could help inspire your latest prayer flag which is a wonder of creativity.
    it's a good feeling to be able to create and i think you did a great job with little to work with.
    i especially love the fluttery layers that appear in many of your prayer flags~!


  2. I hope there will be good news soon so you can put your anxiety aside. Glad that Grandson was found by your husband. It]s an adventurous little guy!

    I love your serenity prayer flag, made with what was on hand.
    Take care!

  3. I know that feeling too. The way that you have put this together shows the true spirit of prayer flags.

  4. Boys will be boys. Thank Goodness your hobby found him in time.
    When my two boys were little, and my daughter was a baby, the two got out of the backyard fence, and nowhere to be seen... in a nice city, but still streets with some traffic. I had to leave Chrissy, in the house by herself in a playpen, so I could go looking for the naughty ones... found them playing in icy water on the street a couple of blocks away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So the prayer flags are a mystical, ancient ritual? I get the artistic and creative part... you are amazing! But what is the meaning of the flags? Maybe I should make some for myself?!

  5. Grandson must think he is older than he is....and Grandpa and Grandma might have aged a little this weekend!

    I am always amazed at how you can take "stuff" and make something so beautiful with so much meaning.

  6. So beautiful, it looks perfect for Serenity, I hope it helps and you find some.

  7. So glad he is okay, yes, all those emotions would have flooded through me too. Like when my son missed the bus at 13 and I had the same reaction when I drove 20 minutes to find him at school and he wasn't there either because he caught the late bus and was walking to the house when I got back. I was never so scared. What an amazing serenity flag. The urge to create and take care of your self was so strong in this piece, I will have to think about this the next time I get anxious. xox

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  9. I loved reading about your prayer flags. thanks so much for sharing. xo lenna

  10. Such a lovely and meaningful prayer flag of both gratitude... and the very essence of serenity when gratitude is reached! Loved this entire story!

    I make prayer flags along with libby and Jane LaFazio and others. Some of mine are made with care.... and others as quickly as I can make them to get them where they need to go! I just love this one!