Friday, 15 June 2012

ATCs Cutting to size

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Armed with my most non-slipper-ish ruler and a sharp blade in my rotary cutter, I started cutting the piece into the required size of 2,5"*3,5” rectangles. As the edges were not exactly straight (not even with an -ish added), I could not cut from the back as I normally would have done to avoid the slippery tulle, but with a little extra weight, I managed not to mess it up.

I got 23 little rectangles from the piece, just missing a 1/16” or so for a 24th, and with a narrow strip leftover to try out a few embellishment ideas -

each little rectangle totally different from the other.

Don’t you just want to dive in to play?


  1. I love watching these unfold for you! They are so inspiring.
    The colors and texture are awesome. LOVE the loose tension stitching!!!

  2. These came out totally great, I bet the stitching on the back is so cute too. xox

  3. So much better than just a card base for an ATCS, beautiftul textured layers x