Thursday, 14 June 2012

ATCs Quilting

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I wanted to try something different quilting wise, so I stitched a wonky grid all over the piece using bright turquoise thread. To make it easy on myself, I just stitched between all the pins to make the grid.

As you may notice, I left the top tension so that the bobbin thread in the grid shows on the top and I have since learned that there are classes taught that uses this as the main design technique. It might actually be fun exploring this – later.

When the grid was in place and all the needles out, I put on the free motion foot and free motion quilted inside each little box with a red variegated thread.

I stitched each box in the same row with the same pattern, using some of the patterns I used when teaching the free motion class earlier this spring.

It’s a little bit silly though, no one will notice the quilting patterns when cut into little pieces, but it was a fun exercise quilting wise – and it looks great on the back with the red stitches going into the green felt backing.

Using felt for the top could actually be an interesting idea, couldn’t it…


  1. I love the ways you're always coming up with new techniques, stretching yourself to do something extraordinary. Your results are fantastic!

  2. I bet everyone will notice how cool the back looks too! xox