Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Prayer flags revisited

Hanging out in the garden these past few days, I have been revisiting my prayer flags. I absolutely love the first series which I made for my father using the scraps from my erosion bundles.

The flags are getting softer

and more ragged and beautiful for each passing season.

The two series from last year

(originally posted here and here) got trashed though. Literally.

The original plan (last summer) was to let them hang for a few weeks and take them inside, but now they were all stiff and dirty and not suitable for indoor decorating at all. I was not attached to them like the first series so it was easy to let them go.

These have a few more years in them I’d say.


  1. I love the fact that you have actually left them outside as one should.

  2. Love the weathered look and how they evolve with the passing seasons!

  3. Oh those first ones you made from your Erosion bundles are holding up so well. Too bad about the others, ah well, maybe they can get a wash and become a mixed media art piece.....xox

  4. Fun to see these! Love the distress that nature has given them.

  5. Once again I am behind in my blog reading. Always enjoy the prayer flags. Some day I AM going to do that! The pictures of the water in the kiddie pool were amazing and so beautiful with all the swirling and shades of blue. I am constantly in awe of your artistic eye and the way you use bits and pieces of fabrics, netting and yarns to create something beautiful.

  6. I love these....especially the set you made for your dad......I remember commenting on them when you first made them.

  7. it's interesting to see how the prayer flags have weathered through. they really are beautiful in a whole new way~!

    i've just posted about my experiences with my first prayer flag. i'd love it if you came to have a look.


  8. Herlig - så heldige naboer du må ha som får så mye morsomt og kreativt og se på :-)