Friday, 18 January 2013

Sea monsters

Our guild issued a challenge this fall. They hung lots of plastic bags from which we were to choose one and make something inspired by the bag. I immediately spotted a bag from a toy store which I thought would be fun.

I don’t know how many ideas I have had for my challenge piece, but I can truly say I got inspired, and more than once. However, actually choosing one of them was not that easy. My degree of procrastination seems to correlate with time available. Now, as I posted about on Tuesday, there was not much time left and I got to work.

This pillow

is clearly inspired by this bag

I used the bag as a pattern, simplifying the design a bit, and doing some under/over/under appliqué. It’s a great technique and I wish I had taken pictures, but I will do a tutorial later.

I restricted myself to using fabrics from my old stash, and the only piece that would fit for the back side had a few bleached lines at the folds from being stored for so long. Solution: couch cotton yarn over the lines and add more lines to make them part of a design.

Worked like a charm!

Now the sea monsters get to live with grandson when he goes back home.

And did I stick to my plan of doing something creative every day yesterday? Yes indeed. Not for long, but long enough. With both kids safely tucked into their beds, I grabbed some light sheers from the Kvist class spare part bag, a sheet of deli paper, a never used Golden Soft Gel medium, and the little water colour painting from last weekend and started making fog (inspiration here).

Note to self: gel medium and water colour paint – not a good match. The paint bled into the medium as I was working, making it muddy green here and there. Not a problem on this piece, but something to remember for future projects. Live and learn.

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  1. That pillow is so awesome!!! Looks like you had a good time making it. I am always amazed by your work!!!!

  2. Such a fun pillow Nina Lise. I love how your mind works!!

  3. Så stilig pute og så gøy med inspirasjon fra en plastpose.. Kjempemorro og tøff...

  4. Love your sea monsters, bet the boys do too! Is that a tiny monster with a crown, how fitting! Yes, spray on protective for watercolor, gel medium for acrylic....Still full of textured wonder. xox

  5. The sea monsters are awesome! So much fun - and the couching on the back adds interest - very cool. Hope your daughter is feeling better....have a nice weekend.

  6. such a cute pillow. There's inspiration EVERYwhere!

  7. Your pillow is AMAZING!! And using the bleach lines as part of the design? You are one brilliant lady!

  8. Morsom pute du har laget :-)
    Og så spennende prosjekt du er i gang med....

  9. Helt superskrämmande sjömonster!!!
    De vill jag inte möta i sommar då vi seglar iväg på vårt "leva-drömmen" segling.
    Dina mönster jag köpte följer med i quiltpackningen :o)
    / Pirjo

  10. Beautiful work! This is really great! Found you through the blog hop, happy to be following you now!

  11. Great idea on the couching to cover up stuff. Always learn from you!