Tuesday, 23 April 2013

ATC Embellisment - Lovebirds

Going through some folders on my PC last night, I realized I had only posted one set of finished ATCs so here is the second set - lovebirds.

A few scraps of organza, tulle and angel weave

free hand drawing tiny lovebirds with the darning foot. Birds being inspired by the Superbirds from my book, Gledesspredere

cutting them out, very carefully

making tiny little nests from ink dyed cotton fibres from this post

and stitching them onto readymade ATCs from this post. You can see how small the bird is against the background which measures 2 ½”*3 ½”

Same-ish birds, different cards.


  1. Those ATC’s are really beautiful!

  2. Your ATCs are simply delightful - love them!

  3. Your art makes me smile. I love those little birds!!!

  4. Sweet little birds speaking love! Now if we all could learn that language.

  5. You do such a great job with all things birds...

  6. You put so much time and thought into your ATC's. They are incredible.