Wednesday, 24 April 2013

ATCs Embellishment - Little Houses

Here is the third set of ATCs made for an ATC swap back in 2012. The first set is posted here, and the second set posted yesterday. The ATCs I received in the swap are posted here, here and here.

Little houses cut from lace-y paper ribbon stitched onto the background using black thread, adding a horizontal-ish line to suggest the ground. Window satin stitched using the same thread

adding a little flower brad from the sadly unused&unloved scrapbooking stash

creating a tiny little property

adding a little moon using gold Tsukineko ink and a crescent sequin as a stamp

and on others as a mask.
and done. Looks like it's on fire, doesn't it.

I tested quite a few different supplies on a little scrap from the backgrounds. Both the brad and the gold ink had their test run here.

Same-ish scenery, different cards.


  1. Love all the sets, but the birds are my favourites!

  2. Jeg liker dine ATC.
    De ser kjempefint ut.
    Ha en fin dag Frederika

  3. A test comment to see if this works for you Nina Lise!

  4. Great to see this set. It does look like it's on fire! Pink buttons, yum. xox

  5. Tssss! You are on fire! I love this set, too.