Thursday, 25 April 2013

ATCs Embellishments Tiny forests

This is the fourth and last set of ATCs (see earlier posts here). These are very simple; tiny paper trees (ordered on Etsy when daughter started scrapbooking) stitched onto the backgrounds. Do you have any idea how addictive scrapbooking shopping is? Just as bad as fabric shopping I’d say.

I love the simplicity of the solid trees against the scrappy layer upon layer backgrounds.

Hitting right in the middle of the tiny trees was the most challenging part, and I’m happy to say there were no trees wasted in the process.

I was ¼” short of squeezing 30 backgrounds out of the foundation, so there’s only 5 little forests. Same trees, different cards.

The back sides were designed in Excel including amongst other things the name & number of the cards and my logo (orange of course, shocking huh), and printed onto cardstock and cut to size using the really old and otherwise useless rotary cutter.

I added regular glue stick glue onto the felt background so that the cardstock would stay in place while stitching the backsides to the cards

which was done with zigzag stitches and the same red variegated thread as the quilting. I was in awe that the stitches would fit around the corners every time.

Who knew that this many threads to be tied off could look so good?

The finished stack of ATCs all done and ready to ship.

It’s been a while since I did these, but I do remember having lots of fun. Although surprisingly time consuming, I actually wouldn’t mind making more..


  1. These ATCs are wonderful! Thanks for sharing...

  2. Now you've done it! Hit a subject near and dear. Love the trees. (My given name is Theresa, after all.) I plant trees from seed and send them out into my neighborhood. I love the whole idea of a tree... especially that they will outlive us and bring shade and fresh air to the following generations. Good subject!

  3. So fun. Your swap partners are going to love their little forests!