Thursday, 11 April 2013

Label maker

You have no idea how easily I sometimes get distracted when I get a new idea. There I go, happily pottering about with my fabrics and notions and doodahs, working my way through a project, and before I know it I am working on something totally different. It’s quite puzzling really, the way I lose track of the task at hand to chase the greener grass on the other side (I know, mixing metaphors).

My plan yesterday was to make the label for the Christening quilt, and I did create it on the PC, but I never got around to printing it out and actually stitch it onto the quilt. While I have a list of have-to’s at the moment, like finishing the Christening quilt including attaching the label (Christening on Sunday), finishing Mother’s birthday quilt including unquilting (should be a word, right!) a few lines, making and attaching binding and label, and packing up samples and handouts and stuff for a Funky Fowl class on Saturday, what I was working on yesterday was grandbaby’s quilt-in-progress. Go figure.
I know it looks like I have a quilt that could keep a small town comfy going, but the stack contains only 48 blocks, 3 pieces for each block.

Anywho, this morning the label has been printed onto a fabric sheet and is drying as I write.

I often create my “good” labels (for exhibits or competitions and such) in Excel, partly because it’s the software with which I am most familiar, but also because it’s easy to move things around. There’s lots of text on this label including the full names and “titles” of all the relatives whose self portraits are on the front. I have also included a picture of the two of us together like I did for the oldest one, thinking it will be nice for them to have later.

The usual format for my good labels look something like this with a checkerboard frame made with colours from the front. This would be a red, white, blue and black quilt.

Oh well, ink dry, must stitch.

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets distracted like that. It's so hard to pinpoint exactly when one project is ditched for another, it just happens so seamlessly. No pun intended.:)

  2. I've never made a label with the computer and printer... Maybe you'd do a tutorial?