Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Hoot Sisters

So I was sitting here like a month ago or so, admiring the YumYum Cousins from yesterday’s post, just doing a little bending and folding and thinking what would happen if I made them 3D. Well, want to see what happened?

Let me introduce you to the Hoot Sisters, suitably named after three Moen sisters.
Aren’t they the cutest.

Two of them were immediately added to the young ones’ gift drawer, but I had to keep one for myself. I just had to.

This one.

I’ll be making a tutorial for the owl pouch too; hang in there!


  1. These are just adorable!!! What a terrific idea. It's great to make something that just makes you smile, isn't it? Have a lovely day!

  2. These are definitely a Hoot! Love 'em.

  3. A loop for your belt and you've got a great "fanny pack" purse. Love when the "mouth" is open. (Moen sisters? Your hubby's sisters?)

  4. They look so funny... and a bit grumpy too!