Thursday, 12 December 2013

Mrs Moen sweatshop

When our daughter was young, we would host Christmas workshops through December. Craft materials used to occupy the dining room table for weeks on end (very much like my quilting stuff do now), but when we moved into this house, there was room for a big table in our daughter’s room.

Through the years, we have had so much fun with friends and family of all ages, and many colourful creations came to life on cold winter days. Our tradition was naturally brought to an end as she grew up and didn’t really love crafting anymore, so I absolutely love when we get together for anything creative whether it may be making cards or painting furniture. Imagine my delight when she wished for fabric hearts to hang in her windows – and that we would be making them together!

So last Wednesday I rigged the dining room table with two sewing machines and Christmassy fabrics, and we went to work.

People who don’t usually sew do often get surprised by the amount of work that goes into even simple ornaments, don’t they, so after a while we set up our own little assembly line, cranking out happy, fluffy, puffy hearts by the minute.

Time ran away from us, but she left with 8 finished hearts with which she was very pleased indeed.
The next day I made the 9th heart she needed,

and finished the two I had been working on pre assembly line.

I think they will make a sweet little gift, don’t you?


  1. Cute, yes, those tiny hearts take alot of work, I know, I've made my share...what seems simple is very often NOT. Lovely though. xox

  2. A lovely gift! I was just thinking I could make a bunch of those... one each for the grands... but then I still have fudge to make and package and get to the post office - yesterday. Oh well. They'll get it when they get it. I'm old now, and not driving myself anymore.
    Love the hearts.

  3. I'm in need of a couple little gifts and so guess what I'll be making later today? Yes, indeed....your hearts. Why don't I ever think of these things????

  4. Those are so sweet. What an awesome gift of creativity you give to those who partake!

  5. Absolutely! And yes, it usually takes a lot more time than the non-sewer ever envisions.:)

  6. It sure must be a thrill to work with your daughter making beautiful hearts!
    The workshops you organized in the past sound so wonderful too!

  7. Ahh, such fabulous little hearts and it's lovely you could make them with your daughter again, they all turned out wonderfully too. Whenever I've attempted to make a small home decor item, it never fails to amaze me just how much work and time goes into it - and I thought that was just me!

    I had a lovely piece of surprise mail this morning, all the way from Norway - how exciting!! Thank you so much for the beautiful heart hanging - I love all the different textures. It will be hung with much pride all year round! May I also wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and all the very best for the New Year xx