Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Christmas projects: The stocking

It feels a bit odd writing about Christmas projects in January, but I have to get over it and just do it, so here we go.

A family member wanted a stocking and I couldn’t say no even though I was running low on time, so I had to keep it simple. I knew I could use some extra quilted material for other projects, so I folded approx half a yard of fabric with a layer of blue IKEA fleece in the middle, and quilted straight lines using my walking foot. The fabric had lines in it, so it was ever so fast.

For some reason, I never remember to save my stocking templates so I need to reinvent the wheel every time. Sometimes I use a finished stocking as a template, but they were still safely stored away with the rest of the Christmas decorations, so this one had to be made by eye.

It turned out a bit on the skimpy side compared to the rest of the stockings, but I’m sure the owner doesn’t mind. It has a couple of scrappy appliquéd hearts,

a fleece edge leftover from another project, and a piece of draw string from The Gym Bag for hanging.

There you go, one super simple Christmas stocking.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thanks! I'm so happy I'm not alone in thinking about Christmas projects in January. I love that fleece . . .

  2. Du er nok ikke alene som syr "jule"-ting i januar. Godt hva som er gjort, og når vi kommer til desember igjen er det helt sikkert andre ting en må få ferdig. Julestrømpen var koselig! :-)

  3. Koselig strømpe, både i januar og i desember;)

  4. Lovely! Now what's inside? LOL

  5. It looks fabulous, bet the receipient loved it too.