Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Christmas projects: The cards

Day two of my catching-up-on-Christmas-projects-posts is all about the cards. Some of you may know that I make quilted Christmas cards for friends and family, and 2013 was no exception (WIP post here) (more cards here).

Since I’m not much of a traditionalist when it comes to my creative adventures, I thought it would be interesting to work with traditional Christmas colours and motifs – read, green, white and hearts. 

My materials of choice may not have been too traditional, but still, my little army of cards is nodding rather politely to Christmases past I’d say.

As usual, lighting has been a challenge through the process, but here they are, “New Traditions 1-40”.

Background: velvety taffeta curtain from thrift shop layered with batting and backing (spray basted), cut into 4 ½” wide (5”??) strips, narrow vertical strip of gorgeous linen scrap appliquéd to the centre, cut into squares, and zigzag stitched around the edges.

Trimmings: small square of thrifted hand woven linen cloth

thrifted wallpaper heart cut freehand with scissors

quilted heart cut freehand from material leftover from stocking posted here

free motion stitched to the background involving quite a bit of muscles, tugging and needle changing.

and for hanging: ornament loops slipped in between the layers
Even though not an obvious Christmas green, the taffeta is not greyish at all as the added white will prove.

Despite careful measuring, one card ended up ¼” too short, and I didn’t even notice until I lined them all up for photographing. Oh well, never mind.

This year I will probably go back to the rectangular format as these would not fit into the standard small envelopes, but the cards of 2013 just had to be square.

These would make great Valentine cards or even birthday cards as well, don’t you think? I'll be adding this post to my tutorial page in case you would like to revisit it later.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. These are just great! Love them. I bet everyone looks forward to getting your cards during the holidays!

  2. Tusen takk for kortet, Nina!
    Eg ynskjer deg eit kreativt og godt år!

    Kortet vart eit heilårskort, plassert på "computerskjermveggen"

  3. I was lucky to get one of these and it hung proudly on the tree! You rock. xox

  4. Disse var lekre. God idé å sy alle like, for de går jo uansett til forskjellige folk. Takk for fin framgangsmåte. Mulig jeg syr noen slike. Men hvor skriver du en hilsen på disse?

  5. These are just lovely!! I'm sure the recipients loved them. Hope you are feeling well - and wishing you and your family a happy and healthy 2014!!

  6. I LOVED my Christmas card! Thank you so much!

  7. Aha! so that's how you made them. It's always interesting to see the creative process. All lined up like that, it looks like a quilt too.