Friday, 10 January 2014

Christmas projects: The ornaments and how to make them

This fourth catching-up-on-Christmas-sewing post is about these mixed media Quilted Heart ornaments which I made for a good friend of mine. They were finished late in the evening before her pre-Christmas lunch, so the pictures are taken in artificial light.

The hearts are made from the same quilted material used for the stocking and the quilted heart trimmings on the cards

I can recommend making such a piece of quilted material in front of the holidays; you can find so many ways to use it for various projects. 

Add a little of this and a little of that and off you go.

I have posted a tutorial on how to make these quilted heart ornaments here in case you would like to make some for Christmas, or Valentines, or just because. 

I never had time to finish the hearts that I stitched for this tutorial, so I’ll have a head start on my Christmas projects this year. Not bad for someone being this late posting her Christmas projects:)



  1. So many fun Christmas ideas....maybe I should start now instead of waiting until November!

  2. Now is the time to do Christmas, when it's fresh in your mind what you want to make for next year... and you have the time to do it. Genius!

  3. Så søte hjerter da. Og hjerter er jo helårs, og det kan brukes overalt. Jeg er veldig glad i hjerter i alle fall;)