Thursday, 9 January 2014

Christmas projects: The table runners

I fell so much in love with the colours and textures of the New Traditions Christmas cards, that I did not want to put the fabrics away when the cards were finished. 

With a little one around the house for Christmas, I knew that I did not want to have a table cloth on the coffee table, and therefore a couple of new table runners would be nice.

I added a few more fabrics to the mix, a green burlap and a gorgeous red wool boucle, left out the wall paper, and cut a bunch of circles using the AccuQuilt cutter. I have two circular dies, one with a 5”, a 3” and a 2”, and the other with 8 2” circles. I love those dies!

The two backgrounds were layered with batting and backing, and quilted with wavy lines, full speed ahead (this is the proper green colour). 

The circles were then arranged onto the backgrounds, fused in place, and stitched down with zigzag stitching. All those thread tails took forever to bury, even with the magic needles.

The hardest part was choosing the binding fabric without having to search through, and mess up, loads and loads of boxes that had already been stored away for the holidays, but I went for a bubbly black and green print which I thought added something to the overall look.

“Humble beginnings 1 and 2” were finished the evening before my parents came to stay for the holidays, and No1 adorned the coffee table, totally spotless through the festivities. 

I’m not sure they can take machine washing, so I’ll admit to watching a bit extra over the table during coffee time...

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. The binding is just perfect! These are so pretty and colorful - and not so 'Christmas-sy' that they can't be used other times. Well done!

  2. You know what I like! So playful. Nice job.

  3. Oh yummy. I actually thing that small border really makes the piece, everything seems to pop. xox