Thursday, 13 March 2014

Helene's work

One of the fun parts of being a designer and teacher is to see how my work inspires others whether the inspiration come from patterns, tutorials, magazine articles, book or classes. Since I don’t use any particular fabrics, their projects will always be different from mine even when they follow my pattern to the t as they use their own fabrics.

One of my students, Helene, has graciously let me share some of her projects with you. She lately was in my Movement class, and has embellished a bag with a rose made from leftovers.

She has made the spring wreath from my book

and used the leftovers to embellish another bag.

And here is her quilt from the colour theory class Fargerike. The dark blue border frames all the colours very nicely indeed.

You can also see her Playing with yarn bag posted here.

Aren’t they great!

Thank you, Helene, for sharing your work with me and for allowing me to post them here. If you have made anything from my patterns or tutorials, I sure would like to see them too. I will not post them here unless I have your permission.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nice, the bags are fabulous. xox

  2. A teacher can improve life, way to go Nina!