Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Trudy the trendy

Trudy is one of the new Rå kylling (raw chicken) samples. She is not quite finished yet as I have not decided how I would like to finish her, so for now even the edges are raw.

Trudy was hatched as I needed a hand stitching sample for the Rå kylling class last week. There are quite a few travelling quilters at the annual Vestlandstreff, and I wanted to give my students the option of not bringing their sewing machines for the 4 hour class on Sunday morning.

I grabbed a few scraps on my way to a guild meeting, and although one of my friends kindly offered me the dustbin as I was heading for the ironing board, Trudy came to life during our evening together. How was she to know that those scraps were the very core of my new project.)

I don’t do too much hand stitching, but I found that working on a table while stitching was much easier on the arms and neck, and I enjoyed it very much indeed, so I kept stitching

and stitching

and stitching.

Just simple stitches using different threads. Enhancing this; tying those together.

I liked the initial basting stitches so much that I even added huge white stitches on top of all the other stitching lines.And when Trudy was done, I made a second project so I could keep on stitching.

How about you; hand stitching – friend or foe?


  1. Hi! Absolutely friend of hand stitching and I do it also on the table. I may stitch so that i don't even have my other hand under the quilt but just 'scratch' the table with the needle. Or I have the quilt on the table and the place I'm stitching just a little bit out of the table so that I hold it with my left hand from the backside.
    Trudy is fantastic! I miss so much trying this kind of improvised projects. Why I just don't take the time to make - we shouldn't feel always so busy with making something 'useful'.
    Rain is coming to us but today I can send you sunshine! x Teje
    And now I sart to baste the quilt and then stitch by hand...

  2. Definitely a friend.:) Love your new project! So bright, happy and fun.:)

  3. I like to have a hand stitching project to do at night while watching TV... something to make the time worth while.
    Love your chickens!