Thursday, 21 May 2015

A house for every season

Last year, for our 25th anniversary, our guild issued a challenge. During the year each member would receive 4 pieces of fabric of which we were to make “something blue, something green, something yellow and something orange”. The quilts were to measure 50*50 cm (20” square) or several being stitched into that format.

As I was quite a bit obsessed with houses last year, it would hardly surprise anyone that I made houses. Although the challenge had no seasonal theme, the colours still worked – one colour for each season.
(Almost done)

The simple layout was born early in the year with the challenge fabrics to be on the right side, but I did not start making them before months later when three fabrics had been handed out.

The design was meant to be very simple, but at the end of the day I started adding stuff. I used puff paint and silver fabric paint to make the windows pop.

I added seasonal themed quilting designs, changing thread colours for the sky and houses: snowflake




(quilting stencils..)

I added white vertical quilting lines, and finally words on top of those:
sparkling winter

budding spring

amd the last two says sunny summer, and colourful fall.

Each quilt measures 25cm*50cm and is finished with invisible binding and a sleeve. They were stitched together two and two for the exhibition at the anniversary meeting and dinner. Getting them to hang perfectly flat post stitching was quite a challenge, but at least they did meet the 50cm*50cm requirement.

One of our board members at the time photographed all the contributions and made them into a photo book. I got my copy yesterday and am looking forward to have a closer look at all the beautiful quilts.

I’ll be adding this post to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival.

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