Monday, 25 May 2015

Christmas in May

We were demonstrating scrappy blocks at our guild meeting last week, and as I recently had worked so hard at storing away my quilts, I decided to stitch up some new blocks instead of messing with the boxes. I picked out an assortment of Christmas fabrics, cut a few strips of each, and started sewing.

4 happy hours later I had 9 different blocks to show. Not bad for a morning at the machine I’d say, and now I have some new treasures to add to my Treasure box. I am sure they will be handy when the holidays are creeping up on me and I need a few extra presents.

I’m thinking I’ll make this into a regular thing, using Christmas fabrics for sample blocks. I once read about someone who brought Christmas fabric to all her classes so that she could stitch all her class projects into a holiday quilt. I think that would be a brilliant idea for sample blocks as well as most of us has more than a few odd ones lying around with nowhere to go.

How about you; what do you do with your sample blocks?


  1. fun and it's great to get a head start. Finally have some time to start making again xox

  2. I love your samples. I don't usually like 'Christmas fabrics' but yours are mostly able to be used for red and green - in any case.
    I had two quilts worth of blocks that I didn't like for my Grandgirl Wedding Quilt - those I just handed to her. She can turn them into a quilt for practice. Something to do while she is making the Great Grandchild for me...
    I can see your blocks making a great improvisational quilt.