Monday, 28 March 2016

Colour study: Yellow

Hello there, I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays! We got back this morning from 5 days at our cabin with the boys, and it was lovely. Busy and lots of fun. I was planning to do some work and write some posts while I was up there, but the Wi-Fi was overloaded after a recent upgrade, and 3G isn’t really an option in our neck of the woods (literally), so Easter was basically offline at our place.

I had prepared some hand work before we left, and a little fabric play goes a long way. Lighting is an issue, so I brought the rechargeable Ottlite desktop lamp which I don’t need at home anymore; sitting at the back of the couch, it made all the difference.

Scraps from the yellow & orange scrap bin - I use too little yellow in my work and want to use it more in all its glorious tints and shades and hues and neighbours and cousins. This is one way to make friends with the colour yellow, simply use it - cut it, play with it, stitch it, enjoy it.

The “neutral” background – the sleeve of a recycled shirt, layered with batting and recycled backing, and basted by machine.

I had no plan really, but one night when the boys were put to bed, there was a cutting frenzy going on using my rather dull scissors. Many scraps were used as they were, others were cut into suitable sizes. Edges were often left untrimmed, giving some extra texture. Most fabrics are only used once, but wherever needed, I made second cuts to fill in small gaps. 

When everything was in place, the pieces were tacked to the background with a regular glue stick. All good fun and done in a jiffy even though the result looks balanced enough I’d say.

While I had yellow thread i my sewing kit, I decided to stitch them down with hot pink thread. Just stitching basic running stitches through all the layers, one piece at the time. 

The recycled base was ever so soft and easy to stitch through.

While I want to keep the colour mostly on the yellow side, I am planning to do fan quilting with blue thread. I think it will be wise to do some marking first, at least in the very beginning.

I haven’t been doing hand stitching for a long time, and it’s one of the things I’d like to do more; so handy to bring along and to put in some work when you have company.

Thanks for stopping by:)


  1. Wow this is beautiful. I love the colors

  2. Nice mix of soft yellows. Love hand stitch g too. Nice to be unplugged once in a while. Xox