Wednesday 21 April 2010

Finish It! Appliqué

Another step on the way to finish the Happy House project from my Treasure Box is checked off the list. I have chosen to finish each block separately with loops for hanging. I’ll do them pillow case style with no binding. Thanks for all your suggestions, they were really helpful!
I have free motion appliquéd the motives with batting on the back, and here they are ready for the next step – cutting backings and sewing them together.
For the loops I have chosen a semi transparent ribbon. With all the ribbons available I still had a difficult time finding one with the right colour, with a suitable width and that would not be chunky. I’ll use the same method and ribbons for the Moo Points too. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish off all those little quilts in no time.

For those of you who are new to Zumba: it is a dance based fitness program. There are steps from salsa, samba, flamenco and lots of other fun moves to great music. Although it’s fast (really fast) it’s very gentle on your joints and gets your heart pumping like there’s no tomorrow. You all know how much I love my water aerobics class. Well, this is even better!

Over to something totally unrelated: Carla from Feathered Fibres has done a profile on me; pop over and have a look.

This is my 199th post; I have been holding back so that I have a chance of getting the giveaway items together for the 200th post on Friday. I’ll see you all back here then.-)


  1. HI NINA, just wanted to make sure your day starts with a note of appreciation. How kind of you to share your creativity and give me a smile.

  2. Ohhh I'm liking the Happy House project!

  3. Woo Hoo! 200th post, wow I'm right behind you Nina :o)

    The Happy House projects is amazing! I really like the combo of the blue and orange.

    I have that work-out video on Zumba too! I always pop it in when I feel like dancing.

  4. Such cheerful little houses!

  5. Nina Lise, that's a great profile Carla wrote. Congratulations on your soon to be 200th post. Still loving your happy house!

  6. These are something different , I love the cow , top right corner---cottonreel

  7. Your creativity astounds me as usual. So much going on all the time. I am picturing your grandson with his cars and see that now that i am back I need to get working on my tablecloth projects. Thanks for sharing. xox

  8. 200 posts!! Congratulations. I'll be here Friday for sure. I'm coming up on 100 myself...guess I should follow your lead and come up with something fabulous as well.

  9. I really like the free motion applique you did on the house. I'm going to need to practice that before I start appliqueing on my Say Cheese challenge.


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