Monday 19 April 2010

Big & Zumbaing

Yohoo, I made it to my first Zumba class today after I missed the last one by 12 hours. I did a bit of research and found that the only place that has Zumba classes that fits my schedule is the sports centre at the University. After a quick phone call I found the perfect class for me, a ½ hour technique class. I’ll admit it; I did a lot of debating with myself whether I should go or not up until the minute I left the house. The idea of showing up in a class with a bunch of hot, young students half my age and half my size, when the only thing hot about me is upcoming hot flashes, well you get the picture.

I really wanted to try Zumba though, so I decided that it would either be a horrible experience with a fun story, or I would find a new way of exercising. I’m so glad I went; I loved it! I even stayed for the next class and made it through the whole thing! I have signed up for a 1 year membership at the gym and cannot wait until next week. I’ll probably not be able to walk tomorrow, but it’s still a great day in my book.

My soft and recycled circle project from this post is finally finished.
I spent some happy hours on the couch Saturday night adding a little bling. I haven’t done much beading, but it was fun, just adding one bead after the other. They made a lot of difference to the finished project, but I’m not sure they photograph very well. Grandson thought it was a perfect parking space for his cars, but I think I’d rather put it somewhere else…


  1. Love your recycled circle project. You are so clever. I'm sorry but can you tell me what Zumba is?

  2. You must have really enjoyed that Zumba class! I'm so glad. Love the bling you added to your circle project.

  3. I had to google Zumba to see what you were doing now. It looks like a lot of fun. Love the beading on your latest project. Keep on dancing!

  4. So glad you found a class, and that you liked it so much!! Your circles are gorgeous, as always.

  5. Glad you enjoyed Zumba. Good luck with the rest of the classes.

    Your circles project is gorgeous. i will have to try my own version of it.

  6. The beading is a great idea. I will also have to look up zumba, but it sounds like fun.

  7. Yay! good for you ...I am so glad you went to Zumba...I am still waiting for a class to come up around my neighborhood....Was your face sore the next day from smiling...
    I love your quilt project...the beads really add to it....


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