Thursday 13 May 2010

Making do: Extending a top

I finally dug up enough motivation to tackle the top with unlikely fabric combinations that has been bugging me for a long time, and was ready to baste the layers together. I had a little bell ringing in the back of my mind after reading through the guidelines for the show that it will be entered into. They have a requirement that the quilts shall be 1m in at least one direction. I do not recall this requirement from the last time I was participating, but that was 4 years ago, so I might have forgotten or they have made changes (either one very likely).

Fortunately I measured it before starting basting and of course it’s too short by 2”.

I didn’t really want to add anything to the finished top, but it’s not like there are any other options. For the first time ever I wanted to drive in the speed of light (or at least as fast as the speed limits allow) to my local quilt shop bringing the top to find the perfect fabric, but of course I could not do that as I’m making do. Oh …

So, I have been looking through my stash to find a suitable solution to my problem.
Too busy

Too dark
Too blah

Just wrong


Oh yes!

I’ll get a little strip where I can add text; you all know how much I love adding words to my work. Happy ending indeed! Now I’ll just have to iron, cut, sew, cut a new batting, find a new backing in the dark corners of my stash and I’ll be back to square one. Yeeey…


  1. I enjoyed following your colour process. I think you made a good choice and opened up the possibility for interesting text. Good luck with your quilt. I think I know the competition ;o)

  2. Kind of like Goldilocks and the Three Bears... Too big, too small, too hard, too soft, too hot, too cold,... just right!

  3. Yes, I think you found the perfect fabric addition. Can't wait to see what text you add to the quilt. Good luck in the competition.

  4. I love the textures on these printed fabrics, it's almost as if they are 3-D all on their own. I am sure the text will have some of your wily humor mixed in. Can't wait to see it finished and good luck!

  5. Loved watching your process! Good choice! hmmmm, what words will it be? cant' wait to see!

  6. Love that choice too, perfect for those fabrics. I love to do words too, sometimes I see a saying and build a quilt around it.


  7. Enjoyed seeing how you auditioned fabric to add. Now I can wait to see what funny (or serious) comment gets written on this quilt.


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