Saturday 22 May 2010

Sew In No 4

I spent Friday Night Sew In quilting on my “1 of 10” quilt. I purposely let the inserted strip of fabric drag a little this way and that to get a more organic feeling to it, but now I’m thinking it looks kind of sloppy. Oh well, there is no chance that I’ll unpick all the stitching, I have enough problems getting it done by the deadline already as the entry form has to be in by Friday with measurements and all. Maybe adding some hand stitching will bring the wonkiness more out. I have a few more weeks before it has to be shipped off and plenty of time to put on binding, sleeve and embellishments.

I also cut out more cow shapes for two Moo Point quilts. These will have two cows facing each other like they are having a conversation. They will be appliquéd onto a worn out flowery duvet cover that I got from MIL and a table cloth with machine embroidered flowers.

So, did you have a creative week?


  1. It's hard to tell, but the fabrics are so organic I am sure it will look great when it is finished. Movement and sway! Can't wait to see the big reveal of the whole quilt! Moos, as usual are so adorable.

  2. Så masse flott du lager - riktig godt i farta skjønner jeg. Prosjektet ser spennende ut. For min del må jeg prøve å få til en konfirmasjonsgave til neste helg...

  3. Those cows are Moooovoulous! What a great idea.

    My week wasn't very creative but it was definitely busy. Hope your weekend is fun!


  4. Hi Nina Lise,

    Love the cows, but then you know that...they will look good having a chat :)
    I'm sure your 1" in 10" will look great too...can't wait to see :)
    As for this week...not so creative, have been busy, had a bug and spent a goodly amount of time clearing my space so I can use it LOL
    HUgs, Sharon

  5. I think the quilting looks great! You got quite a bit done!

  6. Love the cows mooing to each other. I cut and sewed squares for the two quilt alongs I'm following, so not really creative, but pleasant just the same.


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