Monday 24 May 2010

Pop art

While my City quilt is spending a few days on the floor getting blocked, I’m playing around with other stuff. Seriously, watching a quilt dry is just as boring as watching paint dry, although the colours are somewhat more exciting.

I know I haven’t finished my own Saying Cheese portrait yet, and there’s no way I should start another project in any size, shape or form until I am done with my exhibition entries and a load of new class samples, but wouldn’t these make great portrait quilts??(Pop art made in FotoFlexer)

Oh temptation, thy name is New Ideas …


  1. Those would be so awesome for a portrait quilt! Maybe I would have succeeded with my nose and mouth with one of these!

  2. They certainly would! Your daughter and grandson are so beautiful!

  3. The colors are awesome in those pop art photos.

  4. Are you turning into Andy Warhol dear Nina Lise????? They would indeed make a fab quilt, could you print them out easily on fabric, it would be so wonderful to see and what a keepsake it would make for
    your grandson...A certain apron has hit the post and is on it's way to Norway, should arrive middle-late next week. xox Corrine

  5. wow~! yes they certainly would!
    get busy woman!

    this is a great idea..and I've got it locked in for future reference!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  6. Så spennende med disse bildene. Ja, tålmodighet er en dyd - noe skal liksom gå så mye fortere en andre ting.....

  7. You are so funny. Do you sleep? I foresee a word quilt featuring the last line of your post....

  8. they would make great quilts.....they remind me of an Andy Warhol portrait....


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