Saturday 1 May 2010

Task of the day, May 1

Today I’m working on this
It’s grandma-weekend at my house, and fortunately husband has the day off and is playing with grandson so I can work a little. This project has to be finished in 5 days, so the gift of a little extra time is highly appreciated.

Thank you all for your very helpful advice and comments to my tear-away stabilizer problem! I have started picking the paper out if the seams, spraying it with water first as suggested. It works great, but takes a lot of time. The stitches do get a little loose, but I’ll have to fix that during quilting. I’m thinking of stitching two seams along each line; one on each side of the zigzag. I’m very relieved to see the horrible stiffness of the seams go as I move along; there is one extra layer of fabric in this project so it will be stiff enough.

I was supposed to close the Table Cloth Challenge sign up today, but have no idea how to do it, so I’m leaving it up until I have time to figure it out (I'm sure it's very easy). Feel free to jump in while it’s still open!

Have a lovely weekend.-)


  1. I love the gridded feel and the colors, well, makes me shiver.
    Please take a photograph of the finished piece before it makes
    its way to a new home.


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  3. That looks so good! I hope the gridded effect will stay. It really shows off the blues, although I know that whatever way you're doing it, the end result will be excellent. I did my first ever quilt in a stained glass effect, but with irregular shapes. I must see if I still have some images of it.

    I haven't quite finished the table cloth challenge, due to bad hands (better) and double vision (saw the optician today; new glasses next week), but I have set it up to complete this evening.
    I can't quite work out how to link my post to Mr Linky, but I dare say I will when the panel is done and I'm posting it up.

  4. Hi Nina Lise, I love what you are currently working on.....more inspiration for me!!!!!! Also, thanks for some advice on my blog (still under construction) - which you gave to me - back in March re my email contact...I found your post today and have added my email to my profile....another step in my blogger journey!!!!! I am currently working on a patchwork book for my 1 year old nephew...when I put the pics up on my blog I will ask you to have a look. Again thanks.....Keep up the great inspirational work....I love your stuff !! :)

  5. I love the abstract prints in the blocks, wonderful fabric to work with.


  6. I love this! And you've just given me some much needed inspiration on some art to paint for my kitchen. Thanks!


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