Monday 3 May 2010

Task of the day, May 3

I’m still working on the project from this post. The white damask background is quilted and bound and I’m ready to attach the grid.
The damask works fabulous as a background; very subtle pattern and yet a lot of texture. I have used the IKEA fleece as batting on this one too as I was very happy with how Swan Lake and the Name quilt turned out. In a certain lightening it gives a bluish sheen to the damask which is lovely.

I’m working with green again on this one, and loving it. Green is very appropriate for celebrating spring and sunshine and pretty flowers.


  1. The damask is wonderful. I used to go the the sale tables to get backing for quilts, but all our good stores are closed. They always carried nice weights and specialty fabrics.


  2. That is a gorgeous binding - looking forward to seeing the finished piece!


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