Thursday, 9 December 2010

Boob Call

The Boob Drive is officially on and I have got my first Boob Mail with these fabulous boobs from Terri. Terri made a few for herself and daughter as well which I think is a brilliant idea. The boobs are now part of the Boob Collection and you’ll find close ups posted at the Make a Boob blog.

The Bling Drive is also on; I have been visiting lots of local hobby/quilting stores around here in the past few days, boobs in hand and all. People respond very well to this project and I have collected some pretty goodies to use for decoration at workshops. A couple of stores will put together bling packages for me to pick up later as well.

If you have little trinkets and pieces of this and that lying around, I can use anything that can be attached with needle and thread. You’ll find pictures of all the bling linked up to the donors at the Make a Boob blog; one post per donor.

And I’ve got a thread sponsor for this project, the lovely Norwegian representative for Gütermann SULKY, Gøril Stokker, who will provide threads for the workshops. I’ll post pictures when they arrive; you all know threads make me drool so that will be fun.

I would say this has been a great week Boob-wise!


  1. Ah, thanks for the reminder...I knew there was something else I had due out. Will work on them this weekend and get them in the mail on Monday.

  2. Beautiful donation for the boob project. I will have to see if I can muster the skills to make some too. xox Corrine

  3. Beautiful boobs and embellishments for such a great project. Fun to see the donations and sponsors come in for the Make A Boob project.

    Absolutely delightful.


  4. Thank you for your kind appraisal of my boobs... I'll be making more after the holiday gifts are all made and shipped.
    <3 Terri

  5. Congratulations on the all of these wonderful donations! Looks like Make a Boob is off to an incredible start.

  6. Hi Nina Lise,
    I would love to contribute a boob or two or more, but cannot do them until the new year...will that be too late?
    Hugs, Sharon

  7. I'm with Sharon, will it be ok if I send you someting in Jannuary?