Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Sleeping with Mrs. Bouquet

I found Quiltville’s What’s on YOUR Bed Linky party through Brenda’s blog Scraps and Strings and thought it would be fun to participate. I did share a picture of this quilt way back in September in 2009, but never shared the story behind the quilt.

In Norway we typically use duvets, and bed quilts are mostly used for bedspreads or extra blankets. Mrs. Bouquet happens to be my go to gal for napping with grandkids and those cold nights when an ordinary duvet is not enough. She’s big and warm and comfy and well worth the extra mile I had to go to actually get her finished back in 2003.

Whenever I see a reference to the 1600 Jelly roll quilts I smile to myself and give Mrs. Bouquet an extra squeeze. This quilt started out as miles of 2 ½” fabric strips cut from my stash to coordinate with a thrifted curtain/table cloth ensemble back in 2001 when I still was quite new at this.

The flowery fabric reminded me of Hyacinth Bucket in Keeping up appearances who is well worth honoring in all her snobbish glory.

The strips were neatly sewn into one long strip, folded, cut and stitched together into a top – just like in the 1600 Jelly roll video. Now, neither jelly rolls nor the video were around at the time, but I did expect a flat top after all that stitching and pressing. Imagine my surprise when I laid it out on the floor and it was anything but flat and actually had room enough underneath to accommodate a camp full of tiny soldiers.

Using my biggest ruler I slashed the top crosswise into strips and stitched them back together. I have always thought of this quilt as one of my happiest quilting mistakes as it made me rethink my original plan and just go with the flow. It might have taken a couple of years to finish it, but I am happy I did.

The quilt has Mrs Bouquet’s name

a bucket

a telephone with her signature lady-of-the-house-speaking line

the postman’s shoe

a hat

a bag

tea cups including a Royal Doulton with hand painted periwinkles


a perfectly neat neighborhood

and my very first wonky blocks.

The quilt is totally out of my ordinary colour comfort zone, but Mrs. Bouquet will be around for many grandbaby naps and cold winter nights to come.

So, what’s on your bed?


  1. It`s absolutely beautiful.Great job!

  2. What a lovely gal Mrs. Bouquet is!!

  3. What a fun quilt! Of course it drew me in because of the violets!

  4. Love it and I can just hear her being snooty about something, but she will never get to sleep under this cozy quiltie! xox Corrine

  5. fun quilt, great story, and lots of creativity here! I sleep under a duvet most of the year too, and that's why I made the spiderweb cover -- so I feel like I'm sleeping under a quilt even when I'm not.

  6. Hyacinth would love it! OH Richard, do be careful, that is my most precious quilt. Makes me smile just thinking about it. Thank you for that connection to a great character.

  7. What a great quilt! That show is just hilarious and you've captured her so nicely! Enjoy!!

  8. Mrs. Bouquet is perfectly lovely. I loved this post.

  9. Fabulous! BOTH the quilt and the story!!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Love, love, love your quilt! And it made me smile thinking about Hyacinth. I watched that show for years.

  11. You crack me up. "hand painted flower" complete with arrow. hahahaha!

  12. Du är helt fantastisk!!! Älskar denna snobbiga dam och att du sytt en quilt i "hennes anda" är bara så läckert!!!

  13. Great story!
    the quilt is a whole lot more fun when the story is known and of course who would not want to honor Mrs Bucket!

    You are a very talented quilter and I often drop into your blog home :0)

    happy Sewing

  14. Love how you used the Mrs Bucket inspiration to make this quilt!

  15. My youngest daughter and I used to stay up late just to watch Hyacinth and her family each night. We had many of them memorized and used to laugh at all the situations she could get herself into. Your quilt is a treasure.


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